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Product guidance :

Diamex is a range of care products for animals that has existed for more than 40 years. 

Our products are intended for grooming and breeding professionals.

The formula of the shampoos, conditioners and care products is balanced and the pH level is adjusted to respect the specificities of the skin and coat. This is because our four-legged friends actually have a natural fine layer of oil that protects the coat and makes it more resistant to water.

Atmospheric pollution and the overheated rooms in our homes in winter can affect animals’ coats and dry them out, causing the fur to mat and the colours to lose their shine. Bathing helps fight pollution by aerating the fur and stimulating the skin, consequently accelerating the hair growth phase and promoting a higher level of hygiene in your pet.

The use of a conditioner helps to reconstitute the fur’s protective layer of oil, thanks to the action of softening and protective agents. Our range of perfumes is also designed not to irritate the animal, while offering its master an attractive fragrance.

Laboratoires Diamex has a solution adapted to each type of fur.


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