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Product guidance > Shih-tzu :

Long fur care:

  1. use Diamex JOJOBA or LAIT D’AMANDES shampoo.
    Use the TEXTURE VISON shampoo to give weight to the coat, and REVITAL GROOM for matted and damaged coats.

  2. condition the coat with Diamex BALSAM conditioner to reduce static electricity, or OLEOGINE to nourish the coat.

For regular maintenance, use SPRAY SPLENDID, which will facilitate brushing and reduce the incidence of matting.

Professional tip: for maintenance, do not completely rinse out OLEOGINE so that it leaves a fine layer to protect the coat from external factors.

Cut: use Diamex LAIT D’AMANDES or APPLE or SUMMER shampoo.
If the coat is matted, use DIANO SPECIAL anti-matting shampoo.

Professional tip: for black and white dogs, shampoo a second time with Diamex SUPER WHITE or EASY WHITE.

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