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«Horse of the world Aquanil» cleans eyes and tear marks, whilst leaving a protective film. Non irritating. Does not sting.   [next]

Desert Pearl

« Horse of the world Desert Pearl » is a foaming alcoholic solution, exellent suitable for winter. Wash and shine solution.   [next]

Ear Cleaner

« Horse of the world Ear cleaner » cleans the pinna of horses’ears.
Ear Cleaner ensures a perfect cleaning of the pinna. Its moisturizing and softening agents protect the ears. This blend doesn’t contain perfume.   [next]

Freedom Black

«Horse of the world Freedom Black» is a hoof’s grease made from natural fat, thyme, rosemary and black oxide. The black oxide colours the hooves in a bright black.   [next]

Freedom Oil
(Huile pour sabots)

 Hoof  oil with essential oil


Freedom Pearl

Natural Hoof Dressing   [next]
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