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Horse of the world > shampoo :

Shampoo tar pearl

The anti-dandruff shampoo «Horse of the world Tar Pearl» contains Norwegian pine tar.   [next]

Shampoo apple pearl

The natural apple extracts present in the shampoo «Horse of the Wold Apple Pearl» leave the coat silky and shiny.   [next]

Shampoo relax pearl

The «Horse of the world Relax Pearl» shampoo with essential oil lavender has been specially formulated to relax the horse after effort.   [next]

Shampoo conditioner pearl

«Horse of the world Conditioner Pearl» is a conditioning shampoo with sweet almond oil smoothes away tangles and brings volume to the mane and tail.   [next]

Shampoo universal pearl

The «Horse of the world Universal Pearl» shampoo with natural plant perfume has been specially formulated to suit all types of coat. It washes thoroughly, leaving the coat shining clean.   [next]

Shampoo white pearl

The «Horse of the world White Pearl» shampoo has been specially formulated to clean and bring lustre to white coats. It brings back the natural colour and shine to the coat, and fades away yellowing. For best results, use after the Universal Pearl shampoo.   [next]
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