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DIAMEX, personalized
care for each type of dog


Natural spray, ideal during summertime.   [next]

Delicat spray

This Délicat spray contains tea tree oil. Its benefi cial action provides the skin with relief from irritation and itching. May be used on sensitive skin after trimming.  (125ml / 1l / 5l)    [next]

Dianor 30ml

Ears Care. Dianor is ideal to remove impurties from the auditory canal. This product makes impurities to go up, allowing you to remove it easily without irritating the ear. The use of Dianor prevents risks of infection.   [next]

Déo Buccal

Déo Buccal   [next]

Ear fresh

This powder keeps ears dry. Exellent for handstripping. Reduces odors   [next]

Easy tick

Allows the highly effective removal of whole ticks. Solves any possible infl ammation problems. (30ml)   [next]
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