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45 years of existence : a deserved achievement !
Things like that don’t just happen !In order to get this far, we have always kept the same manufacturing philosophy that helped to build Diamex’s strong reputation. This tradition has allowed us to develop very high quality natural products for the lastc 45 years.As we didn’t want to get sidetracked by developing products that only suited the fashion of the times, we continued to focus on your needs and expectations.The end result, a wide and varied range of products known throughout the world, is simply spectacular.We are pleased with the investments we have made, which have all been aimed at maintaining our tradition of professionally developed products associated with cutting edge technology that is being continually refined and developed in our laboratory.

Spray Brillance + News

Le spray Brillance

Diamex Spray brillance dries quickly thanks to its ultra-fine spray action.

Provides luminous brillance to fur without making it greasy.

The final touch for all coat types.

Packaging :
150ml/ 400ml

Advice for use :
Spray from around 30cm away, use sparingly.

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